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A wish on wings

As humankind plunges into a crisis deep
Away from my motherland my thoughts I cannot keep.
Life held ransom by a virus, as patients gasp for air
And helpless loved ones can only watch in despair.

Once bustling with energy, the cities so vibrant
With happy people hardly able to keep silent.
As news channels flash images of a grim reality,
My unbelieving mind recalls happier times of festive gaiety.

Viewing the scenes from thousands of miles away,
Hungry for any news that comes my way.
My heart goes out to those in anguish and pain
Praying hard that their hopes don’t go in vain

It’s time for the world to rebuild and heal
As I send out a silent wish to the powers that be
To get my country back on her sprightly feet
And for every land to make a recovery complete.

It’s taken a tragedy of such proportions for the world to unite
And against a common enemy to come together to fight.
There’s a message here for the whole of mankind
To set aside our differences as our destinies are intertwined


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