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About Me

A dreamer and an idealist, I believe simplicity is my biggest strength. I express best when I write so I want to paint a landscape of thoughts, weave a tapestry of ideas with my loom of words and leave a mark, howsoever faint, that would be my unique signature, my contribution to the eternal web of time. While in India I was¬†working for a social media company in Mumbai. A proud mother of two beautiful girls, they are my most prized “possessions” and my dream come true. Having immersed myself completely in the joys of motherhood for all these years and revelled in every moment of it, I now want to rekindle my passion for writing and devote my time and energies towards doing justice to my creative muses and fulfilling my long cherished dream of wielding the pen.. .the keyboard…to create an unending loom of words. Would welcome an honest feedback from the readers and would love to know your opinions and perspectives.